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While tidying up my laptop I’ve came across some pictures and woods that I did for my MA Illustration final show that I’ve never showed.

I’m feeling some sweet nostalgia as I’ve worked on it for  more than one month day and night non stop to create my dream anatomy baby, was such a bliss to work on this project, brings out some really nice stressful memories.




I was asked along with 30 other cool illustrators to create an A1 handmade poster, inspired by a day in September.  
So I got the 2nd and turned out I spent it thinking about how love sucks and how cool Slow Club is while jumping on my bed in my jammies singing their super awesome song “Giving Up on Love”. Just had to do something out of it.
“We’ve been over and over
This thing we call love
And I’ve been thinking about
What my friends would say
If I were to give it up
Cause I’ve been tired and hopeful
For far too long now
So I’m giving it up, giving up, giving up on love
Giving up on love”

Sweet Crimson Anatomy Book & La Fabuleuse Zine

Some photos of the book and zine I’ve mad for my final show, along with the painted woods and elephant. More pics and the publications in full here:




MA Illustration Final Show

Artwork available upon request.


Screenprints: Super limited edition of 5, 50x35cm; 4 & 5 layers each

More details in www.marieerr.com


“I Never Sleep Cause Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death”

Afternoon hand painting fun with Mr Phomer for Colher Tour!


Once again, found some more lost doodles in my pile of drawings. These are some acrylic experiences I did a few months ago for no reason, just pass time.


Portuguse Illustration is the first publication of Colher which aims to boost portuguese illustration by showcasing the work of the most talented Portuguese illustrators and also non-portuguese who have had an academic or professional experience in Portugal. Confined to a special edition of 200 copies, this project stands out for its innovative printing technique, risography held by London’s oldest printing company specialised in this type of printing – Ditto Press. Apart from a texture of its own, risography also allows the use of special colours, and Colher chose a garish and captivating fluorescent orange that gives other brilliance to the illustrations. “

I’m so glad I was part of this awesome limited edition book! Wicked colors, textures and illustrations! Get yours while you can here!