Monthly Archives: March 2011


Seems like I’m finding forgotten old drawings lost in my paper piles everyday.. these have a few months now, I started drawing this character inspired by Anubis after my first visit to the British Museum. It was pretty cool to view the amazing Egyptian collection the museum has, I was literally blown away as it’s really one of those things that makes you speechless.



The past Friday the 4th I had a showcase of my work in the coolest club around, XOYO! I was asked by Le Scratch, the promoter, to place some of my past works in XOYO’s walls along with a few postcards I did that night. It was a super dope 90’s hip hop party, super funny and entertaining with some the most awesome performances I’ve seen in the past few months. I had some nice reviews regarding to my works, so I can only say good thing about it. There’s going to be another Le Scratch party really soon, so stay tunned, you surely can’t miss it!


I’ve done this piece a while ago now, just for fun. I was waiting to use it for something… but what the hell, it was already forgotten in my old pile of drawings getting dust. Before I forgot I’ve done it completly, I decided to share it.

Between writting my research paper for college, my internship in Nobrow, working on a couple of exhibitions, books and comissions, I’m not having much free time now (I’m not complaining at all). Today was the first day in a long time that I spent the whole day in Pj’s at home, I almost gone crazy. I guess I need pressure and stress to keep me going, I kinda like it. Just letting off steam.


SouthSide Expressions Exhibition

Last Saturday I had an exhibition in The Horse Pub in Westminster, London, as part of a SouthSide Expressions event, the first one actually, which combined film, spoken word and visual arts. Here I’m showing you a bit of the making of and the actual works, lino cut prints,  that I created for the night. They were displayed together with some of my boyfriend’s, Phomer, awesome screeprints. It was a relly nice evening, the pub was super cozy and all the artists and performances were amazing, looking forward for the next one!


A few weeks ago I started experimenting letterpress by making my own business cards with wood and metal type. It took me like 3 days to have them done, something I could had easily done in 15 minutes using Adobe Illustrator  but forget it, the process it’s amazing, from choosing the types, trying out the spaces, smelling the ink and having it in all over my hands, it’s just priceless. Letterpress is just pure fun, gotta love it!