Monthly Archives: April 2011


On the 28th of April (this Thursday) me and some of the coolest young portuguese illustrators are showing up our views on our revolution and freedom day in Acquire Arts Gallery, Battersea/Brixton. Should be pretty awesome to say the least, as the selection of artists is just wicked. I heard there’s going to be some tasty Portuguese food, so make sure you won’t miss it! Curated by Plasticina London.



I’m very proud to announce the launch of the book Ser Designer, written by one of the best teachers, Armando Vilas Boas, that I had ever had and also one of the persons that helped me the most in the pursuit of my dream to come to London to study. This book is definitely a must have in everyone’s library if one’s interested in the design matter and its practice in Portugal. I feel very honored in making part of it by having some of my past illustrations published in it.

It can be bought in IADE, Lisbon.


I’ve spent the last couple of months interning at Nobrow, it was a dream come true obviously, as I’ve always been the most affectioned fan of the magazine and all the sudden there I was.  From helping out painting the shop’s walls for Matt Cruickshank exhibition, to assisting Matthew Nicholson cutting and painting the giant cardboard figures displayed in Pick Me Up, screen-printing the dopest paper and tote bags in town and some other cool stuff, it was damn inspiring being everyday surrounded by the most awesome books and prints. It was a super amusing experience, the Nobrow family are the nicest persons around and super passionate about what they’re doing. Thank you guys, again, for everything!


For some reason, perhaps because of my great fascination with medical issues, I’ve always been a huge fan of Marie Curie, her intriguing life and her accomplishments to the medical history. So when I was asked to do something for the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day Celebration, I instantly knew what important women I’d chose to portrait.

This piece was printed and exhibited a while a go (unfortunately I don’t have pictures) and will be turned into a booklet of postcards soon, and sold as a fundraiser to go to the Women’s Charities at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). I love to do fundraisers, specially when it’s for a good cause.