Monthly Archives: February 2011


Instead of focusing on producing some “real” work (my to do list is pilling up hugely) I’m keeping myself occupied with some random stuff. This is a summary of my unpleasant life in 3 simple steps. Enjoy!… I guess.

To be continued.


Screen printing is the new black for me. Getting my hands dirty it’s priceless, I just have loads of fun while doing it.
Let me introduce you to my new character, Sparky. Want one? You can pre order it (here), cause it’ll be printed pretty soon!

House Parties

We have some really strange people coming to our house everytime we host a party, it´s always a surprise to see who´s coming. And it seems to be gaining quite a reputation since more and more people are showing up each time. It´s fun, to say the least. This is my hommage to those crazy craaazy nights!

Messed Up

I’ve been having some crazy day’s… literally crazy.
This is wood painting entertainment.